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Dietary Fiber Recipe

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Ingredients (serve 2)

- 320g rice (2 bowl)
- 50g raw okara
- 100g minced pork
- 100g lotus root
- 100g onion
- 40g green pepper
- 2tsp oil
- 2pcs curry roux

How to cook

1. Cut lotus root into thin slices that are easy to eat, and chop onions and green peppers into coarse pieces.

2. Fry minced pork and (1) in a frying pan heated with oil, add 400ml of water, mix and cover and simmer until the lotus root is cooked.

3. Turn off the heat, mix curry roux and raw okara, turn on the heat again, simmer until thickened, and top on rice.


Raw okara may be dried okara rehydrated with water.

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