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LEBENS KIDS (For 3 years old onwards)

Children from 3 years onwards have significant body growth and increased nutritional requirements. LEBENS KIDS is designed to support the nutritional needs of growing children.



Reduced β - lactoglobulin


GOS (Galacto-oligosaccharides)


No added sucrose or flavourings

LEBENS KIDS's Benefits

Improves Intestinal Environment

Contains Galacto-Oligosaccharides (GOS) which improves the intestinal environment because it has the nature, tends to be utitilised by good bacteria, but not by bad bacteria. GOS is also found in breast milk. 


Adopted from
Bifidus, 2:143-149, 1989
Bifidobacteria Microflola, 5:37-50, 1986

GOS is enable to increase Bifidobacteria which improves intestinal environment and maintaining the effect of it by drinking it continuously. 

Easy Digestion & Optimum Nutrients

β - lactoglobulin is a cow's milk protein that is not easy to digest. The amount of β - lactoglobulin is reduced in LEBENS KIDS to allow easy digestion.


Optimum Nutrients

LEBENS KIDS provides well-balanced nutrients required for children above 3 years old.

Calcium helps to support development of strong bones and teeth. Phosphorus contributes to bone development and finally Vitamin D helps support calcium absorption and improves the bone strength. 

No Added Sucrose 

*Natural-taste manufacturing method

  • No added sucrose or flavourings

  • Recipe brings out it flavours

  • Manufacturing process replace oxygen to nitrogen after powderization 

Dissolve well in room temperature

Comparison of Solubility


Easy to drink during hot/humid weathers. 

Photograph below shows the solubility of LEBENS KIDS at 15°C of water after 30 seconds.

Watch how fast LEBENS KIDS dissolve in 15°C of water after 30 seconds! 

LEBENS KIDS Solubility

LEBENS KIDS Solubility

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Easy Preparation


Here's how to prepare LEBENS KIDS!