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The history of WAKODO stretches back more than 110 years to 1906.


Dr. Tsukasa Hirota, Japan’s very first professor of paediatrics at the

Tokyo Imperial University (present University of Tokyo) established WAKODO Pharmacy, which became today's WAKODO.


Infant and childhood mortality rates were at an all time high in Japan due to poor nutrition. Dr. Hirota decided to do all it took to overcome this depressing situation and reduce childhood mortality.


Succeeding the spirit of the founder, our first president, Mr. Kyoji Ohga, produced the very first made-in-Japan infant milk formula, "Kinomeal",  in 1917.

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WAKODO's History of Milk Formula

A history stretching back to over 110 years


Today, WAKODO is the best selling baby food brand in Japan*.​ We continue to research and design our products around babies' needs, catering to various stages of growth and the taste, size, firmness, and volume best suited to each growing stage, always endeavouring to offer loving quality for every baby.

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*INTAGE SRI+ (Baby food, All types of stores, Value share January 2002 - December 2021)

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