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Physical Growth & 
Development Guidelines: 

10 - 12 months 

 These data of boys and girls height/ weight are different from
Singapore rule. This is based on the Guidelines and Instruction for Maternal and Child Health in Japan.

Infants 10 - 11 months:
Starting to speak

Infants will start to mimic adults.

Some babies will start cruising after pulling themselves up to stand. 

Infants around this period will become more mobile by pulling themselves up to stand and crawling. 

Their fine motor skills will improve, enabling them to hold items with their fingertips.

They will be able to speak repetitive syllables such as "mama" or "bye".  

Important Tip for Mummies: 

Satisfy your child's curiosity by playing copycat or using toys.


For Boys

For Girls

Height: 69.0 - 78.9 cm

Weight: 7.5 - 11.5 kg

Height: 66.8 - 77.5 cm

Weight: 6.8 - 11.0 kg

Infants 11 - 12 months:
Standing by pulling themselves upright

A baby's weight will be approximately three times heavier than that of birth, and about 1.5 times taller at 12 months.

Some babies will start pulling themselves up to a standing position and cruise while holding on. 

They will start moving their bodies to the rhythm when the music is played. 

They will comprehend words and attempt to communicate by pointing and gestures.

They will start to have interest in picture books, and will point and talk when read to.

Important Tip for Mummies: 

Development speed differ between babies, so there is no need for concern if your baby does not pull up to a standing position or cruise at this point.


For Boys

For Girls

Height: 70.2 - 80.2 cm

Weight: 7.7 - 11.8 kg

Height: 68.0 - 78.9 cm

Weight: 7.0 - 11.3 kg

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