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Physical Growth & Development Guidelines: 
4 - 6 months

 These data of boys and girls height/weight are different from
Singapore rule. This is based on the Guidelines and Instruction for Maternal and Child Health in Japan.

Infants 4 - 5 months:
Infants start to have more interest in their surroundings

Almost all babies master head control by this time.

Their field of vision widens and they start to put anything they can get their hands on into their mouths.

Holding babies in a standing-up position on your lap will cause them to push down with their feet.

They distinguish day from night, and will stay awake longer during the day and sleep at night. 

Important Tip for Mummies: 

Adjust your daily schedule to create a contrast between day and night by actions such as taking walks during the day.


For Boys

For Girls

Height: 60.0 - 69.9 cm

Weight: 5.6 - 9.2 kg

Height: 58.0 - 68.2 cm

Weight: 5.1 - 8.7 kg

Infants 5 - 6 months:
Some babies may start to sit up 

Slowly introduce solids during this period.

Infants will be able to sit on their own with a bit of support on people's laps or on a baby chair. 

They will be able to stretch out and grasp things they are interested in. 

 They will touch anything and put everything into their mouths.

Some babies will start rolling over by themselves. They also start to express likes and dislikes.

Important Tip for Mummies: 

Infants during this period will touch and put anything in their mouths, Be aware of your baby's environment and avoid putting objects that may pose a hazard around your baby.


For Boys

For Girls

Height: 61.9 - 71.6 cm

Weight: 6.1 - 9.7 kg

Height: 59.9 - 70.0 cm

Weight: 5.5 - 9.2 kg

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