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Physical Growth & Development Guidelines: 
6 - 8 months

 These data of boys and girls height/weight are different from
Singapore rule. This is based on the Guidelines and Instruction for Maternal and Child Health in Japan.

Infants 6 - 7 months:
Babies will start to laugh when played with during this period

More babies will start rolling over by themselves.

Hand coordination becomes more developed, allowing them to get a firm grasp on objects.

Infants will be able to distinguish their mothers from other people. 

They become wiser and may start mimicking their parents.

Important Tip for Mummies: 

Infants start to lose their immunity to diseases, which was received from their mothers when they are born. Be careful of diseases.


For Boys

For Girls

Height: 63.6 - 73.2 cm

Weight: 6.4 - 10.2 kg

Height: 61.5 - 71.6 cm

Weight: 5.8 - 9.6 kg

Infants 7 - 8 months:
The start of strangers anxiety

Infants will be able to sit by themselves with no support.

"Stranger anxiety" starts. Infants may cry when an unfamiliar person tries to hold them.

Infants will start to enjoy playing "peek-a-boo". 

They will be eating solids twice a day.

Teeth will start emerging in some babies.

Important Tip for Mummies: 

"Stranger anxiety" is proof that infants know that their mothers are special. 


For Boys

For Girls

Height: 65.1 - 74.7 cm

Weight: 6.7 - 10.5 kg

Height: 62.9 - 73.2 cm

Weight: 6.1 - 10.0 kg

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