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Physical Growth & Development Guidelines: 
8 - 10 months

 These data of boys and girls height/weight are different from
Singapore rule. This is based on the Guidelines and Instruction for Maternal and Child Health in Japan.

Infants 8 - 9 months:
Infants will start to crawl

More babies will be able to crawl by this point.

Infants will be able to sit steadily by themselves and uses both hands to play. 

Infants will know their names when called.

Their mimicking skills improve, and they will be able to copy actions such as hitting a drum. 

Infants will cry or call out loudly when they want attention.

Important Tip for Mummies: 

Infants will be more mobile with further development of their sitting and crawling skills.


For Boys

For Girls

Height: 66.5 - 76.2 cm

Weight: 7.0 - 10.9 kg

Height: 64.3 - 74.7 cm

Weight: 6.3 - 10.4 kg

Infants 9 - 10 months:
Some babies will start to pull themselves up into a standing position

Infants start to pull themselves up to stand. 

They will now be able to enjoy playing by themselves. 

Their fine motor skills will improve, enabling them to grab small items in their hands.

Infants will start to display separation anxiety towards their mothers.

Solid foods usually progresses to three meals a day during this period. 

Important Tip for Mummies: 

The love babies have for their mother increases, resulting in "separation anxiety". Make sure to reassure your baby as much as possible. 


For Boys

For Girls

Height: 67.7 - 77.6 cm

Weight: 7.2 - 11.2 kg

Height: 65.6 - 76.1 cm

Weight: 6.6 - 10.7 kg

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