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Baby Recipe

What to eat during pregnancy?

Food consumption during pregnancy is important as it affects both the mom's health as well as the wellbeing and development of the baby.


Due to pregnancy, mom's taste for food might change and start to have different cravings.

In some cases, you might lose appetite due to morning sicknesses.

Sharing some recipes that considers nutritional balance for pregnant women!

Recipes for Pregnant Women

9 Months Recipe

Banana Yogurt.png

Ingredients (serve 2)

- 50g plain yogurt (non sugar)
- 20g banana

How to cook

1. Cut banana into bite-sized pieces.

2. Pour plain yogurt over the top.


*Please check allergies before feeding any of the ingredients used.
Age in months is a guide only. Give as your child grows. Always watch your child closely to avoid choking.

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