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What to eat during pregnancy?

Food consumption during pregnancy is important as it affects both the mom's health as well as the wellbeing and development of the baby.


Due to pregnancy, mom's taste for food might change and start to have different cravings.

In some cases, you might lose appetite due to morning sicknesses.

Sharing some recipes that considers nutritional balance for pregnant women!

Recipes for Pregnant Women

Fried rice (4).png

Premade Recipe

Fried rice (4).png

This Squid Escabeche can be made and kept in refrigerator for a few days.
Familiarize yourself with pre-made dishes that will help you save time even after giving birth.
It is convenient to use cut or frozen squid.

Ingredients (serve 2)

- 210g squid (cut)
- 2 tbsp vinegar
- A pinch of salt
- 1 lemon
- 1 tbsp olive oil
- ¼ onion
- Carrot, about 3cm
- Celery, about 6cm
- Small amount of shelled greens

How to cook

1. Slice the onion lengthwise and soak in water to remove the pungency. Slice the carrot and celery into strips.

2. Combine vinegar, salt, olive oil and a pinch of lemon juice and add the vegetables from (1).

3. Boil the squid in boiling water. If large, cut them into bite-size pieces and dip them in the marinade from (2).

4. When the flavors are well blended, place on a serving dish and garnish with slices of lemon and shelled greens.


*When using uncut raw squid, open the squid vertically, remove the squid, remove the legs, and remove the cartilage.

Boil quickly in boiling water, cut in half vertically, cut horizontally with a width of about 1 cm, and soak in the marinade of (2).

*If you have bay leaf, soak it together to make the aroma even better.

*If you like, you can add a little sugar, pepper, etc.

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