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Diet & Nutrition While You Are Pregnant

During pregnancy, a mother needs to ensure ample nutrition intake to provide for both herself and the baby. Thus, maintaining good prenatal health with a well-balanced diet and adequate nutrient intake is essential for baby to thrive. 


Be sure to eat three balanced meals every day while actively incorporating dishes with plenty of protein and iron into your menu.

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  • Folic Acid 

Supplementing 400µg of folic acid daily from one month before pregnancy to third month of pregnancy reduces the risk of neural tube closure in babies. This nutrient can be found in spinach and beans. 

Note: Be careful not to exceed 1000 µg a day. 

  • Calcium

Creates strong teeth and bones. It is found in foods such as milk, dairy products, small fish​ and soy beans.

  • Protein

This nutrient is very important in forming the baby's body. Make sure to have a balanced diet with meat/fish/beans.

  • Magnesium

Supports the metabolism of calcium and corrects blood circulation. It can be found in foods such as almonds, green and yellow vegetables and bananas.

  • Iron

Iron creates red blood cells and is essential for preventing anemia. It is found in foods such as liver, eggs, oysters and freshwater clams.

  • Dietary Fiber 

Dietary Fiber is helpful in preventing constipation in pregnant woman. It is found in foods such as kelp, almonds, konjak, mushrooms and potatoes.

  • Avoid salt as much as possible

Unlike the six nutrients mentioned that pregnant women should be actively getting, salt is an ingredient that should be avoided as much as possible. Salt cause swelling and high blood pressure, and is known to lead to pregnancy-induced hypertension (pregnancy toxicosis) as well. Avoid non-homemade soup for noodles, processed foods and pickled foods. Also try to keep your salt intake under 7.5g a day.

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Dietary Guideline For Expectant Mothers (Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

Necessary Nutrition during pregnancy

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