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Daily Exercises for

Try these exercises with your baby in your belly!

Pregnant women often suffer from lack of exercise. Exercise to boost your spirits as well!

Daily exercise does not only allow better control of your weight, it is optimal for promoting blood circulation and preventing back pain, swelling and constipation. Make sure to exercise moderately and refresh your mood as well.

When can I start prenatal exercise?

Start exercising at around 16 weeks, the beginning of the stable period. Make sure you consult your doctor before starting any exercise. Stop exercising whenever you feel tightening in your abdominal area.


Feet Exercises

  • Lie on your back, draw up your knees and stretch one leg up high.

  • Flex your ankles a few times while holding this pose.

  • Bend your upraised knee and slowly lower your leg. (Alternate between both legs)


  • Promotes blood

  • Circulation in the feet

  • Prevents varicose veins

  • Prevents swelling

Hip Joint Exercises

  • Sit cross-legged with your back straight and extended. Place your hands on your knees and press down. 


  • Limbers the muscles around the vagina/anus/urethra

Stomach Muscle Exercises

  • Get down on all fours and arch your back while tightening your stomach. 

  • Slowly relax into a neutral position while breathing out and lift your face. *Make sure not to bend your elbows.


  • Prevents back pain


Pelvis Exercises

Waist Twists

  • Align your knees and breathe out while rolling your knees to the left. Return to a neutral position and roll to the right. 

  • Bring your left foot up while maintaining a straight pelvis position, and roll your left leg out while being aware of your leg joints. Alternate between both legs.


Back Arch

  • Lie on your back and bend both knees, spreading your legs out to your hip width. Place both hands, palm down on your sides. 

  • Bring up your back while breathing out and maintain that pose for ten seconds while breathing. Slowly return to a neutral position while breathing out. 


  • Tightens the gluteus maximus muscles and the kegel muscles

  • Prevents incontinence and back pain

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