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Low Salt Recipe

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Ingredients (serve 2)

- 170g potatoes
- 60g canned tuna (no oil/ no salt)
- 20g boiled edamame
- 80g cherry tomatoes
- 50g shredded cheese
- ¼ tsp salt

How to cook

1. Cut the potatoes in half, rinse with cold water, drain lightly, place in a heatproof container, cover with plastic wrap and microwave for about 2 minutes (600W). Drain and sprinkle with salt. Cut the tomatoes in half.

2. Spread the drained tuna, edamame, cherry tomatoes and cheese over the potatoes and cook in a toaster or on the grill until the cheese is melted and lightly charred.


Use non-oil and salt-free tuna cans to reduce salt content.

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