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Folic Acid Recipe

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Ingredients (serve 2)

- Soybeans boiled in water (60g)
- 1 can (400g) cut tomatoes
- 150 ml of Western-style soup (consommé stock or other ingredients dissolved in hot water)
- 3 green asparagus (60g) 
- Your favorite mushrooms (100g)
- 1/4 onion (50g)
- 1/2 clove garlic
- 1 tsp olive oil

How to cook

1. Cut green asparagus, mushrooms and onion into 1 cm cubes. Finely chop garlic.

2. Put olive oil and garlic in a hot pan, add the onion from (1) and saute until shiny.

3.Add (2) cut tomatoes, Western-style soup, green asparagus, mushrooms and soybeans from (1), simmer until soft, season with salt and pepper to taste.
*Add cheese to taste.


Minestrone made with soybeans and green asparagus, which contains a lot of folic acid.

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