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Low Salt Recipe

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Ingredients (serve 2)

- 120g peeled shrimps
- 120g avocado
- 50g onions
- 10g garlic
- 2tbs olive oil
- 2tsp soy sauce
- 2tsp lemon juice
- ¼tsp salt
- a pinch of pepper

How to cook

1. Slice the onion, chop the garlic, and cut the avocado into half-moons with a thickness of about 1 cm, excluding the seeds and peels.

2. Put garlic and olive oil in a frying pan, heat, add onions and peeled shrimp and fry until the color changes. Line up the avocados and bake on both sides until lightly browned. Turn off the heat and mix with salt, pepper, soy sauce and lemon juice.


You can eat it refreshingly with lemon juice and less salt!

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