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Weaning Progress

This website is based on the Japanese Breastfeeding and Weaning Support Guide 2019ver.

Singapore Food Agency recommends infants above the age of 6 months should start

to receive supplemental foods in addition to the formula.

The weaning ages are recommendation only. Please adjust meal quantity in the order shown in the table according to your baby’s appetite, growth and development.

About Weaning

Weaning is the process to shift from milk nutrition such as mother’s milk or childcare milk to baby food. During this term, eating function is developing from drinking milk to biting and chewing food with tongue / gum / teeth then swallowing. The amounts & kinds of food to eat are increasing, and menus or cooked forms are changing.

Weaning progress is different among each baby. The standard about numbers of meal times, cooking methods, and the average amount of meals are introduced for weaning progress.

Progress weaning without hurry and anxiety while watching baby's condition.

Why Weaning is necessary?

Nutritional supplementation for growth

Although breast milk and formula holds important nutrients for an infant, it starts to become insufficient nutrition from 6 months onwards. 

Development of the digestive system

Infants will gradually able to digest various types of food by eating food other than breast milk and formula, which in turn will result in more saliva and digestive fluid production.


Chewing Practice

To have an infant gradually learn how to eat solids progressing from breast milk or formula, there is a need to allow the baby to foster his/her own chewing skills by providing food with softness and size according to the baby's development. 


Nurturing "eating power"

Nurture basic and healthy eating habits from infancy by providing various types of rich culinary experiences to create a healthy body and mind.


When should I start weaning my baby?

Start weaning your baby from 6 months if your baby shows the following signs:

  • Good head support

  • Is able to sit without support

  • Shows interest in food

  • Losing tendency to push spoons out with tongue

Each infant develops at his/her own rate. Observe your baby carefully and start slowly,

without being too hasty.  ​


Please remember this is based on the Japanese Breastfeeding and Weaning Support Guide 2019ver.

Solid Food Guidelines and Stages

Please remember this is based on the Japanese Breastfeeding and Weaning Support Guide 2019ver.
Singapore Food Agency recommends you can start weaning food for your baby 
from 7 months of age.

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What is well balanced weaning food?

Staple food, main dish and side dish

  • Staple Food

Grains such as bread, rice and noodles. It is mainly a source of carbohydrate energy.​

  • Main Dish

It is a main dish serving as a side dish using fish and meat, eggs, soy products etc. It is mainly a source of high quality protein and fats.

  • Side Dish

Cook with vegetables etc.  It plays an important role to compensate for vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and so on, which are deficient in staple food and main dish. 


Coping with food allergies

Infancy is a time where food allergies often appear in children. The reason allergies are so common between infants is because their digestive tracts and digestive functions are still not fully developed, and also because of their insufficient immune functions. If you have any allergy concerns, consult your doctor and take action following your doctor instructions. 

  • Tips for Progression

When starting solids, start off with ingredients less susceptible to allergies such as starch products and vegetables, and gradually introduce proteins such as fish, eggs and meat into the diet. 

  • Be careful when introducing a new ingredient

Make sure to introduce new foods "1 spoonful of 1 type a day", and observe your child well before progressing. By doing so, you should be able to confirm any allergic reactions and also how well your baby is adjusting to that ingredient. Avoid giving too much at once, and gradually increase the amount everyday. It is recommended that meal time should take place in the morning, so it will be possible to visit a hospital in case of an allergic reaction. 

GunGun eating.png

Weaning Tips from 6 months babies

From 6 months (Start of Weaning) to The Swallowing Stage 

Start by practicing closing the mouth and swallowing 

  • Introduce new ingredients with one spoonful of type a day, and gradually increase the amount

  • Allow your baby to have as much breast milk or formula if he/she wants after eating

  • Start feeding your baby when he/she is in a good mood and healthy

  • Allow your baby to get use to the texture and taste of food

  • Progress to two meals a day after a month has passed

  • Start the second meal of the day with 1/3 of the first meal, and gradually increase the amount

Tips for Progression

weaning tips.png
  • Lightly place a spoon with weaning food on your baby's lower lip. Wait for the mouth to open naturally

  • Wait until the upper lip comes down to take in the food

  • Remove the spoon horizontally, and wait for your baby to swallow before progressing to the next bite

Tips for Feeding | Getting accustomed to the spoon

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